Patuxent Park Revitalization Revving Up

Back when most of Lexington Park was farmland and Great Mills Road was the main route to the fledgling Patuxent River Naval Air Station, sailors pitched in while stateside to dig and install one of the first public water and sewer systems in Southern Maryland.

It was an excellent display of community enthusiasm for the burgeoning town, but it was put together midst the comings and goings of a world war. The original starts and stops are being uncovered as the local sanitation district continues its work on North Essex Drive toward a three year goal of a complete replacement of the original construction.

MetCom water and sewer workers have reached North Essex Drive after an overhaul last year down Midway. MetCom has also finished its updating work down Great Mills Lane. Following at a slower pace, with a five year completion goal, the county is also improving the roadbeds, curbs and sidewalks that also went in when the neighborhood was new during World War II. Residents on Midway Drive thanked both the St. Mary’s Metropolitan Commission and county public works department earlier in the spring for the work completed last year down Midway, Princeton, Bunker Hill Drives and Gambier Place.

County road engineers warned residents of Great Mills Lane and North Essex Drive to expect construction obstacles beginning in August. Residents will be asked to keep parked vehicles off the street during certain stages of construction. “No Parking” signs will be posted two day prior to work commencing on affected streets. Vehicles not moved will be towed.

For more information on road construction, contact Allen Settle at 301-863-8499 x3525. For water and sewer questions, contact Steven Engleson at 301-373-4733.

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